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Simon Stevens

Long experience in retail management and training

Simon Stevens focuses on the importance of concentrating on the moment, and to regard complaints as a second chance, because in a tough competitive environment every contact counts.

Simon Stevens has a Bachelor’s Degree in Law and a Postgraduate Certificate in retail management. He has also over ten years experience in retail management and training. His topics are "Be Here Now" - the importance of focusing on the moment; complaints, or second chances? - every complaint is an opportunity to solve a problem; under promise, over deliver - explain what can be done and do even more; attitude & approach - behaviour reflects mindset (or rather, they know what you’re thinking…); difficult conversations - how to approach awkward subjects in the workplace; asking the right questions - we can only deliver what we know to be needed and the value of money – understand the expectations, and the commitment of our customers.

What do our customers expect from us and how do we ensure we exceed their expectations? Simon Stevens means that in a tough commercial environment we have to ensure that every contact we have with our customers is as effective and memorable as it possibly can be.

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