Todd Ferguson

Successful Team Chemistry and Peak Performance

Recognized as one of Europe´s top American Football coaches, Todd Ferguson is an authority on teamwork, leadership and personal development.

Todd learned many principles of team dynamics, management and peak performance from his experiences as an athlete, educator and coach. Originally from America, Todd’s success lies in his unique ability to maximize each person’s potential. He has helped transform and motivate businesses, individuals, and teams in Germany, Italy, Switzerland and Sweden.

Todd is a highly sought-after keynote speaker who powerfully conveys his philosophy of strategic performance excellence to a wide range of results-oriented professionals. He presents a series of great ideas and strategies with a rare combination of fact, humor, insights and practical concepts that audience members can apply immediately to get better results He speaks regularly in corporate and public settings and has a wonderful ability to customize each talk for his particular audience.

Todd is available, but not limited to present on the following topics: Successful Team Chemistry, How to Strategically Live Healthy, Peak Performance – Winning When It Matters, 3 Pillars of Leadership, Coaching For Learning.

Workshops and Consulting
Many of our clients choose to follow the keynotes with a workshop. They are high energy, interactive, fast paced set of exercises and discussions tailored to the issues most relevant to your organization. As a performance consultant, Todd helps clients find the core elements that will set them apart from the crowd and help them achieve both personal and professional success. Through Todd´s coaching, Corporate professionals and high-performance athletes have realized new levels of achievement.

Take your employees out of their regular work environment and onto the field! This highly motivating and very much hands on team building event is designed to develop individuals personalities and skills in a demanding and focused but also fun environment.

"Todd is a truly inspiring speaker. He does a great job of challenging our current thinking, forcing us to look at ourselves and the role each of us plays in making the desired transformation. He makes a lasting impression and I am happy to recommend him."
- Svein Gunnberg. CPO, Svevia AB

"Todd has an innovative approach to working with teams; it was exciting to learn about the different strategies used for successful teamwork. He definitely did some homework before coming here, and we appreciate the lengths he went to in order to customize all this for us."
- Malin Nordesjö. CEO, Bostad Direkt

"Once again, Ferguson has pulled rabbits out of a seemingly empty hat. We no longer need to vote for Coach of The Year, we just need to re-name it The Todd Ferguson Award for as long as he continues coaching."
-Gary Nilsson. Journalist, Superserien Expert


Todd Ferguson

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