Nicklas Bergman

Nicklas Bergman is a serial entrepreneur, technology investor, futurism researcher, speaker and writer.

He has spent the last 20+ years working as a serial entrepreneur and investor focusing on emerging markets and technologies. With vast experience from navigating through turbulent and uncertain technology environments, he is the perfect guide when you are trying to understand what the future will bring.

Nicklas Bergman has for more than 20 years worked as a serial entrepreneur, technology investor and futurist focusing mostly on investments and business development in emerging markets, web services, nanotechnology, computing, new materials and new media art, currently through roughly 20 direct and indirect technology investments. He is the co-founder and largest investor in several companies including:

  • The Volvo trucks and buses distribution network in Romania, that grew into a 300 MUSD business and was acquired by Volvo Corp. in 2006.
  • An electron microscopy company with a unique patented technology for movement and interaction on the atomic scale. With close to 150 high-profile customers world-wide, the technology was acquired by FEI in 2013.
  • A Scandinavian ski resort development that has attracted investments of close to 100 MUSD in the past 7 years, and invigorated a whole region in the north of Sweden.

Nicklas Bergman is also Scandinavian advisor to the TechCast Technology Think Tank in Washington DC, and here he is trying to understand where we are heading, and if society will be able to handle the upcoming technology revolution. Further, as part of an emerging research project at Lund University in Sweden, Nicklas Bergman is focusing on humankind’s relationship to technology and technological development, and more specific on the business implications of multi-disciplinary and transformative emerging technologies in the coming 5 to 50 years.

Through the combination of his entrepreneurial endeavors, technology investments and ongoing research project, Nicklas Bergman is uniquely suited to act as a guide to the future of business and technology combined. As a speaker he takes a holistic approach, trying to understand and communicate not only what we might expect from a technological perspective, but also how this possible future and technological development will affect us as individuals, corporations and society as a whole. He takes pride in customizing his talks to his audiences and present credible facts in an entertaining manner, always with the goal to surprise and provide insights as well as useful tools.

Praise for Nicklas Bergman:
"Nicklas is a futurist of highest rank. With a combination of intellectual elasticity and futurological curiosity, he weaves a tickling portrait of how the technologies of tomorrow will affect our way of life and business. That he also as an investor puts his money where his mouth is makes him one of our most credible guides to the possibilities and challenges of the future. As a conference junkie I see hundreds of speakers every year, and Nicklas is by far one of the best." Magnus Lindkvist, trend-spotter and futurist, TED-speaker 2010, Speaker of the year in Sweden 2009

"Nicklas skillfully blended his experiences as a high technology investor, nanotechnology expert and entrepreneur to deliver a fascinating and inspiring keynote address on technology revolutions. He resonated with the audience as an insightful business leader and passionate technology adopter guided by personal ethics and a deep-rooted desire for a sustainable future." Marie D’Iorio, Executive Director, National Institute for Nanotechnology, Edmonton, Canada

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