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Martin Lindstrom

todays world.

Martin Lindström has a lot of ideas on how branding should be made today and he talks about them with a lage portion of enthusiasm.

Martin Lindstrom represents the new generation of branding thought-leader: globally astute and technology-driven. Born in Denmark 1970, Lindstrom started his first marketing firm at 12 and sold it a year later. By 27 he had co-founded both Europe´s and Asia´s largest web-development advertising agencies. The co-author of "Clicks, Bricks & Brands", "BRANDchild" and the author of "BRANDsense", Lindstrom writes a weekly column reaching over 4 million people in 30 countries. His talks are vibrant, idea-driven and filled with dynamic visuals.

The days of two- and even three-dimensional branding are over, says Lindstrom. To successfully brand today—and in the future—requires an understanding not only of what intellectually motivates people to buy, but also how humans interact and experience a product using all five senses. The smell of a new car or the crunch of a breakfast cereal is more important than we think. Lindstrom provides audiences with tools to help them analyze their brand’s future sensory potential, providing a clear pathway to build and optimize its appeal.

Lindstrom believes we’re now on the cutting edge of a scientific breakthrough in which we’ll understand precisely how branding – images, graphics, words – influences the brain. With this technology, marketers can more effectively focus their branding efforts. Lindstrom also contends that contextual branding—branding that’s intelligent enough to recognize when and where its products will be needed—will be how smart companies survive in the future. He discusses just how thoroughly the branding landscape will be changed by these new technologies—and how to adjust your branding strategy to compete.

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