Frances Edmonds

Masters Degree in modern languages. International interpreter, author.

Frances Edmonds has worked for many years an an international conference interpreter in organizations like EU, UN and similar and in addition she is also a best selling author, where her first book became a best seller overnight.

After graduating with a Masters Degree in Modern Languages from Cambridge University, Frances joined the Commission of the European Union in Brussels as an international conference interpreter. For over a decade, she worked to facilitate communication and cooperation within all the major international organisations (EU, EP, UN, OECD, WEU, UNCTAD) and between the (then) G7 heads of state and government at their annual World Economic Summits. Her years spent negotiating at the highest level fostered her expertise in cross-cultural communication and consensus creation.

Frances is also a best selling author and in 1986, her first book, Another Bloody Tour (an outrageously funny and highly controversial account of the England cricket team’s tour of the West Indies) became an overnight international No 1 best-seller. This book has over the years been followed by several other best sellers and numerous articles in newspapers and appearances on television. She is a talented and very entertaining speaker and her topics are cross cultural communication, achievement, empowerment, motivation, team work, diversity and personal development

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