Fernanda Drumond

Demography and frame analysis

are her main interests and she believes that understanding global trends is the key to a sustainable future!

Fernanda Drumond is the Head of Operations at Gapminder. She holds a Master of Science degree in Development Studies, with background in International Relations.

Before moving to Sweden, she worked in Brazil with business intelligence, in India with marketing and events and in Nepal with internship and jobs placement and hospitality education. Fernanda Drummond has also worked as a professional ballerina in New Delhi.

Fernanda joined Gapminder in 2013 as an intern, fetching datasets with sub-national data on global health and helping to create survey questions. She then assisted Hans Rosling in lectures, interviews and in logistics for his travels. She became the projectmanager for Dollar Street, and later started heading other processes at Gapminder.

Topics for presentation

How the world actually looks like
Fernanda believes that to understand global development it’s important to make the global statistics visible and understandable to destroy our dramatic worldviews. To do that, she presents Dollar Street (dollarstreet.org), a platform where you can see how people live according to their income, along with the Gapminder Bubbles.

Mega misconceptions about the world
Fernanda would like to dismantle the three mega-misconceptions that skew our worldview by showing what the world really looks like in a way that everyone can understand.

How to control the dramatic instincts which make people misinterpret numeric data and how to learn rules of thumbs that make you feel safe when hearing or making data-driven arguments.

Hands-on workshop about world population, human needs and sustainability.


Fernanda Drumond

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