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Christian Majgaard

Branding, marketing and business innovation

Christian Majgaard was featured in the recent book by Dutch/British professors Trompenaars & Hampden -Turner as one of the "21 Leaders for the 21st Century".

Christian was global top executive at LEGO®, responsible for world wide branding, marketing and business innovation. He stood behind numerous marketing successes such as the LEGOLAND® parks, LEGO Mindstorms® robots, the Harry Potter® license and the world´s best selling children’s software. Before joining LEGO, Christian was senior management consultant with PA Consulting®

He has inspired companies like Nestlé, Nokia; Siemens, Motorola, Bang & Olufsen, Swiss Re, Geodis Wilson, Disneyland, Heineken and many others. He authored the book "13 hints for tomorrow’s brand builders" as well as numerous articles. Recently he starred in a national television series on how consultants help threatened corporations, and in national radio broadcast as an expert on strategic issues.

Some quotes.

On Branding: "Upon return from their holiday, have you ever heard your friends say: " We stayed at a wonderful hotel, they had such nice letter heads and brochures!"

On Marketing: "There is no such thing as a mature market, - only tired marketers!" "Most marketing managers have left the board room to become managers of one way-communication. The only marketing concept that appears to survive these years is their title"!

On innovation: "Thinking out of the box is not about creating odd patterns with matches. Its about leaving the office and seeing the world as it is. Go and see the place where your future has already arrived!"

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