Tim Drake

Author of You Can Be As Young As You Think.

Tim Drake gets to the heart of what motivates customers and employees. His talks are based on his latest book, "You Can Be As Young As You Think". Young Brained thinking makes you more enthusiastic, innovative, and open to people and change.

His central message is that human changes are more important than technological changes. Customers and staff are looking for different things to what they were ten years ago. Tim Drake believes that most of the staff in your organisation are bringing only a small part of themselves to work. But they want to use more of their energies, and to feel pride in their work. As you’ll see, Tim Drake helps them to do so.

"I think the Young Brain/Old Brain concept is brilliant. It’s both easy to grasp and true – for both everyday life and business. You need a Young Brain to be effective in both. I believe that I already have a relatively young brain but, thanks to the insights in your session, it is getting younger by the day now!" Mike Tomkins, Chairman, M&M Direct

"Your speech was spot on in terms of style, content and timing. All the feedback I have received has been positive and the fact that you were able to correctly identify the key issues which we are dealing with, both in terms of business focus and people development made what you had to say highly relevant." Marsh Financial Services

"Tim Drake’s presentation on the importance of branding was an inspiration to us all. He spoke extremely enthusiastically and with great clarity – an essential where, for 90% of the delegates, English is a second language." Nilesh Gokani, COO Linguaphone Group

"Tim Drake’s contribution was excellent. Feedback from customers was very positive reflecting the content and style of his presentation." Roger Cottrell, MD, Zurich Risk Services

"We were delighted to have chosen Tim to speak. His keynote presentation was excellent and left every person in the room wanting to go back to their organisation wanting to make a difference. The delegates really were engaged and inspired with the approach and the feedback showed it certainly was relevant to the current business climate, and could also be useful on a personal level!" Investors in Excellence

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