Richard Scase

Leading business strategist and forecaster

Professor Richard Scase speaks on global trends, globalisation, management and leadership among other things.

Professor Richard Scase is one of the worlds leading business strategists and forecasters and was voted European Business Speaker of the Year in 2005. He is able to speak and write authoritatively on the broadest global trends while leaving even the most specialised audience with relevant, useful and inspirational advice. He speaks on a number of topics e.g. organisational change and development, globalisation, management and leadership, IT, organisational cultures, human resources and investments in people.

Journalist, entrepreneur, author and public speaker, Richard Scase frequently combines ideas from his various areas of expertise to create tailored forecasts or "future scenarios" for his audiences. He explores the impact of incipient global trends - technological, economic, demographic, cultural, political and social - on both businesses and individuals.

Recent subjects professor Scase has covered extensively include: the threats and opportunities that will be faced by Western businesses as India and China continue to grow; the global trends affecting individuals as workers, citizens and consumers; and the ways in which global supply chains must be harnessed to serve increasingly localised markets.

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