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Olof Gränström

The need to understand our world

and to make it understandable for everyone, has always been his motivation.

Olof Gränström is a political scientist with a background as an educator. He has worked as a educator, organizational developer and expert for the Swedish council of higher education. He’s now working for Gapminder where he develops the ignorance project, lectures and workshops and create free teaching material.

Olofs goals has always been to give people a better understanding of the world a framework for a lifelong learning about our constantly changing world. He has lectured at the OECD LEED annual meeting 2014, the baltic sea summit 2017 and H&M changemakers lab 2017. During his time at Gapminder he has done many lectures and workshops both for the commercial sector, educational sector and non-profit sector always with goal to spread a fact-based worldview.

Topics for presentation

How the world actually looks like
Olof believes that to understand global development it’s important to make the global statistics visible and understandable to destroy our dramatic worldviews. To do that, he uses tools like Dollar Street ( along with the Gapminder Bubbles. to give the audience a worldview based of facts by dismantling huge misconceptions most people have about the world.

Olof tells a story about how our dramatic instincts and fast thinking skewers our worldview and gives us a overly dramatic worldview. He also presents rules of thumbs that make you feel safe when hearing or making data-driven arguments on old media, social media and alternative media.

Sustainable development
To truly understand and work with sustainable development today you need to understand how we came to the situation we are today and why we need an economic sustainable development a social sustainable development and a ecological sustainable development and the world agreed on the United nations sustainable development goals. Olof uses the Gapminder Bubbles. to give the audience a fact-based background to sustainable development and gives the a better chance to formulate their own solutions based on facts.

The need for a fact-based worldview in education
With Olofs background as a teacher he explains the need for a fact-based approach to educating young people of the world today and drawing on Gapminders long experience with investigating ignorance of the world he explains what we got wrong and what need to change to give out students a fact-based worldview when they leave school.

Putting things into perspective
Using the Gapminder Bubbles. Olof puts the world into perspective depending on the wishes of the organizers it can be everything from putting the Baltic countries into a historical context to better understand sustainable development or together with the audience explore why we are missing investment opportunities because huge misconceptions about the world cloud our judgement about emerging markets.


Olof Gränström

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