Kenneth Rogoff

What is going on in the Global Economy

Regarded as one of the world’s most respected economists, Kenneth Rogoff reaches beyond the theoretical and delivers quantitative proof from his frequently cited research and best-selling book to explain why our financial history repeat itself.

Recipient of numerous academic honors and prizes, Kenneth Rogoff delivers unique and topical analyses of the economy in the US and around the globe as he examines the shifts of economic power, the sovereign debt crises and the role monetary policy will have in our future. Rogoff is the co-author of This Time is Different: Eight Centuries of Financial Folly, called "a masterpiece" by the Financial Times and "a tour de force" by Barron's. This Time is Different has received accolades from leading economists, financial leaders and policymakers, including Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke who called the book "extraordinary" and who discussed the book's findings at his first-ever press conference in April 2011. Informed by his experience as the chief economist for the International Monetary Fund and as an economist for the Federal Reserve, Rogoff clearly and brilliantly explains the complexities of the economy to his audiences, inspiring a new appreciation for macroeconomics and its impact on our current and future financial well-being.

Where We Are and Where We Are Going: A Look at the Global Economy
The global recovery after the worst recession the markets have faced since World War II has hardly been smooth in most corners of the globe. Add in a mix of political instability, growing inequality and policy uncertainty, and many are left to wonder whether the world will face a lost decade of stagnant growth. In this timely and topical analysis of the global economy, Harvard Professor and world-renowned economist Kenneth Rogoff trains his sights on how the economy is likely to evolve over the short to medium term, on how markets and policymakers are reacting and what still remains to be done to put markets on the path to full recovery. Particularly adept at handling global economic questions of any scope or dimension, Rogoff translates complex concepts into useful, easily accessible information for his audience—no matter an industry expert or market novice.

This Time is Different: Eight Centuries of Financial Folly
The current and sustained economic headwinds affecting the global economy struck many by surprise after a long stretch of unbridled growth. Kenneth Rogoff argues that quantitatively, the global economy is driving down the tracks of previous deep financial crises. A universally respected economist, advisor to governments and Harvard professor of economics, Rogoff lends his unparalleled insights to help organizations understand the multifaceted problems we face as a global economy. In a highly accessible presentation that draws on the research and findings behind his widely celebrated, best-selling book This Time is Different: Eight Centuries of Financial Folly, he and his co-author Carmen Reinhart leverage more than eight hundred years’ worth of trends to demonstrate what businesses should have seen on the horizon. He challenges his audience to consider that the solution we’re currently implementing may in fact be the catalyst for tomorrow’s financial crisis. Recovering from today’s financial crisis involves more than revitalizing our economy for the moment; it also means addressing the structural impediments to long-term growth and stability.

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