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Doug Lansky

World traveller in 120 countries - Author of Loneley Planet books

Doug Lansky has been all over the world and has naturally accumulated a vast number of stories. One of his hobbies is to collect funny business signs from all over the world.

American travel writer Doug Lansky has been living abroad and traveling for the last nearly 20 years in over 120 countries and now makes his home in Stockholm. He has had a sold-out audience at National Geographic Headquarters, given lectures for the United Nations World’s Tourism Organization, and had the highest attendance for the last two years with his keynotes at the ITB Berlin -- the worlds largest tourism conference. He has worked on a special project for Visit Sweden and has spoken at major travel/tourism conferences in the US, Canada, Turkey and is now heading to Estonia, UK, and South Africa to speak at their conferences and advise them on tourism strategy.

About Doug:

"Having gone through all the surveys from the travel conference, we can tell you Dougs presentation was extremely popular. In fact, it was the most popular (and useful) we’ve had since I started planning the conference!" -- Gayle Junnila, Explore Minnesota Tourism "Informative and entertaining Doug Lansky was great. He brought our conference up to a higher level." -- Jane Bostic, West Virginia Tourism "Doug Lansky is an engaging and dynamic speaker whom I would recommend to travel and tourism organizations looking to bring energy and a unique outlook to their event or conference."
-- Carolann Ouellette . Director, Maine Office of Tourism

"Doug had the audience laughing, thinking, participating in activities and asking questions – and this was at the end of a long day of consecutive info sessions! I would highly recommend Doug to any organization such as ours, which is looking for a talented speaker with years of world travel experience." -- Blake Rogers, Director, Tourism Yukon

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