David Lim

Author of the best-seller Mountain to Climb

David Lim is best known for leading the 1st Singapore Mt Everest Expedition in 1998 which succeeded in placing two members on the summit.

The climb captured the imagination of the entire country and helped reset the parameters of what could be achieved by the small, flat, tropical island nation. A week after his return from Everest, he was totally paralysed by the rare nerve disorder Guillain-Barre Syndrome. Artificially ventilated for 42 days, he spent six months in hospital before returning home.

Though he was permanently disabled in both legs, he made a dramatic comeback to climbing the world’s great mountains, and returned once more to Everest in 2001. David’s climbing resume includes leadership in over 60 alpine ascents including two expeditions to Mt Everest and many SE Asian first ascents. In 2005, he made the 3rd solo ever of the world’s highest volcano, and three virgin peaks ascents in Central Asia. In 2007, he and his partner made a rare crossing, on foot, and unsupported, across the Salar de Uyuni, the world’s largest salt desert.

David leads a company that helps organisations build teams and grow leaders through consulting, speaking, and programmes. In the corporate world, he spent nearly a decade in the media industry with positions in marketing, journalism management and multimedia.

David’s presentation style is breezy, humorous, and yet with an edge to make audiences consider embracing specific changes in their beliefs. David is the first Singaporean to receive the Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) designation, the highest accreditation for professional speakers, and only held by fewer than 10% of professional speakers in the 5500 member International Federation for Professional Speakers.

David and his team have delivered programmes and presentations in over 20 countries and 40 cities worldwide. He was educated in Singapore, and Britain, and graduated with a law degree from Cambridge University. David is author of the best-seller "Mountain to Climb" and "Against Giants" and is also an accredited coach, and workshop leader.

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