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Carlos Ghosn

President and CO of Nissan and Renault

Carlos Chosn is the president and chief executive officer of Nissan Motor Co, the global, Japanese automotive company. He is also president and CO of the French company Renault and is thus responsible for an annual sales of close to 6 million vehicles.

Carlos Ghosn is the president and chief executive officer of Nissan Motor Co., Ltd., a global automotive company with 140,000 employees and 80 billion dollars in revenue. Mr. Ghosn joined the company as its chief operating officer in June 1999, became its president in June 2000 and was named chief executive officer in June 2001.

On April 29, 2005, Mr. Ghosn was named president and chief executive officer of Renault S.A. in addition to his current responsibilities at Nissan. As head of the Renault-Nissan Alliance, Mr. Ghosn is responsible for two separate companies with combined annual global sales of 5.7 million vehicles.

Carlos Ghosns career history is as follows: In 1996 he became executive vice president, Renault. Responsible for advanced research, car engineering and development, car manufacturing, powertrain operations, purchasing and supervision of Renault activities in Mercosur. In 1990 he was named chairman and chief executive officer, Michelin North America where he presided over the restructuring of the company after its acquisition of the Uniroyal Goodrich Tire Company.

In 1985 he became chief operating officer, South American operations, Michelin, Brazil. In 1984 head of R&D for industrial tires, Michelin, France. In 1981 plant manager, Le Puy Plant, Michelin, France.

At present Carlos Ghosn serves on the board of directors of Alcoa.

Mr. Ghosn graduated with engineering degrees from École Polytechnique in 1974 and from École des Mines de Paris in 1978.

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