Andrew Neil

Veteran writer and broadcaster. Has worked with everything in media

Andrew Neil has worked with most of the large British newspapers and TV companies in a number of capacities. He has a vast know-how on the impact of information technology on business as well as electronic commerce.

Andrew Neil is a very well known and experienced publisher, editor, writer, broadcaster, public speaker and business consultant on media matters. He has presented both The Daily Politics on BBC Two and This Week on BBC One since January 2003. His topics are media, politics and communication.

During his career he has been UK Editor of The Economist, Editor of The Sunday Times, Executive Chairman of Sky Television, Executive Editor of Fox Television News of America and a leading anchorman on British political television programs.

Andrew became American correspondent of The Economist in 1979, working out of New York and Washington. He covered the Iranian hostage crisis and the 1980 presidential election as White House correspondent for the magazine and also wrote on Wall Street and US business. He returned to London in 1982 to become UK Editor of The Economist.

While still editing The Sunday Times, Neil presided over the successful launch of Sky Television, the new satellite service that brought multi-channel TV to Britain. Within a year Sky had already reached 1m homes. Today Sky, now BSkyB, is one of the most successful television ventures in the world. His task of launching Sky and seeing it through its first difficult year completed, Neil returned to being a full-time editor. He had been Executive Chairman of Sky from 1988 to 1990.

He is much in demand worldwide as a speaker on British, American and European politics/economics, the future of the euro and the dollar and the impact of information technology on business, with special emphasis on the opportunity and challenge of electronic commerce, on which he has spoken to most of the world’s major IT companies.

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