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Mario Garcia

International designer of journals and communication

Mario Garcia has strong ideas about how journals and newspapers should look, how they should be edited and whats written in them in order to achieve success.

Mario Garcia has devoted more than 30 years to redesigning publications, and has personally collaborated with over 450 news organizations. From The Wall Street Journal, The Philadelphia Inquirer, Handelsblatt and Die Zeit, to medium-size newspapers, such as The Charlotte Observer.

Mario Garcia also work with corporate communications. For Volvo Mario Garcia succesfully unified the brand throughout the world. Before Volvo had more than 100 internal publications and 300 external publications, but no styleguide. If you picked up a brochure in Israel, it looked nothing like what came out in the United States.

Mario Garcia is trained as a journalist and strongly committed to the idea that content is what determines the success of publications and websites; his work and teaching is based on his WED philosophy, of combining writing, editing and design as basic principles for effective communication of ideas.

Mario often tells everyone that he is, first and foremost, a teacher. Mario started his teaching career as a journalism professor and publications adviser at Miami-Dade Community College. From there he became a professor of graphic arts at Syracuse University´s Newhouse School of Public Communications, and the University of South Florida. In addition, he has been a Distinguished Professor at the University of Navarra, Spain. Mario is a well sought after lecturer and moderator throughout the world. His early background as an actor makes him a very engaging speaker.

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